Anjana Ghosh Memorial Social Welfare Trust

Welcome to, Anjana Ghosh Memorial Social Welfare Trust


The Anjana Ghosh Memorial Social Welfare Trust is a voluntary and charitable, grass root level, development constructive organization for poor village peoples in the Village - Tajpur, P.O. Tajnagar, P.S. Sutahata, Dist Purbamedinipur, West Bengal.It is registered under 1882 trust act.

Serving & Moving together with the co-operation of the masses is the motto of the Anjana Ghosh Memorial Social Welfare Trust. It has active grass root level rural integrated development social research and technical support and working programs in Rural & Agriculture development, Environment Education and protection, Child Education, Woman upliftment, Health Awareness, Social Evils Eradication and Upliftment & for Overall developments of OBC/Rural/Backward Peoples. The Society run various free education program for poor children, technical training & self employment programs for women like Sewing, Art & Craft Trainings, free medical camps for all, health awareness programs, Community Marriage Programs for Poor Girls. The Society is having competent peoples who are rural engineers, social specialists. 


Anjana Ghosh Memorial Social Welfare Trust trusts that the development of India mainly depended on the rural areas progressiveness and any effort to promote Educational and Rural Development strengthens the Rural areas in turn Nation.


Sustainable and Self-reliant village communities.


Anjana Ghosh Memorial Social Welfare Trust helps people to help themselves to overcome their social obstacles by changing attitudes and socio-economical conditions of the target people.


Helping the needy is a culture and it is part of our civilization.


Anjana Ghosh Memorial Social Welfare Trust aim is to help poor communities overcome the effects of poverty, create new futures for themselves and their communities and promote sustainable village communities through changing the attitudes among the people.


Anjana Ghosh Memorial Social Welfare Trust is established for the following objectives:

1. To help, devise schemes and projects and help to execute them which will assist the country towards elimination of poverty and misery.

2. To channelize the energies of our people towards constructive national work in the social, educational and cultural fields in co-operation with Government wherever feasible.

3. To educate people and make them conscious and concerned about self-reliance, social justice and co-operation, so that they may be prepared and equipped to work out for themselves and for others and keeping in further with their own human dignity and destiny.

4. To promote all types of activities that are aimed at the integral development of persons and communities.

5. To maintain, construct, run free/ charitable hospital/ dispensaries for the needy.

6. To organize different types of camp. e.g. Eye camp, Medical camp, Awareness camp.

7. To manage Schools, Colleges, Institutions, Training Centers for education/Vocational study centers for the needy.

8. To start any work/activity which is not prohibited under law to uplift the society income.

9. To study and conduct Research on Social, Civic, Arts, Literature, Science, Cultural, economic aspects of the Rural Communities and promote them.

10. To create/open branches all over West Bengal/India for the society cause and nominate the working committee of that branch.

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